Ready for a Boost? We’ve designed the Boost Retreat especially for Bridal Boutique Owners.

BOOST your profit to a new level -

give yourself a relaxing retreat to BOOST your spirits -

BOOST your confidence in making business decisions.

Do you ever…

  • wonder where the money goes?

  • get confused with the “business side” of the bridal business?

  • wish you had a better system for tracking your income?

  • spend too much on marketing or inventory?

  • wonder how to motivate your team to work together to make sales?

  • wish you could share more of your profits with your team, community, or charities - while still paying yourself?

  • have big ideas for your boutique - but no plan or money to get there?

I understand. I’ve owned a bridal boutique and I currently run a gown care business where I work with brides every day. During my first years in this business, I grew frustrated because bridal business did not fit neatly into the normal “financial strategies” for small business.


Hi, I’m Tami

I can’t wait to work with you at the Boost Retreat in October. It will be a time of fun, refreshment, and I personally guarantee you will LOVE it and your business will benefit!

If not, I’ll give you your money back!

The business principles & PCT tool I learned from Tami helped increase our profit and pay off our boutique debt 3 years early!
— M

So, I developed a strategy and set of tools that I still use every day. I have successfully taught this strategy that we called PCT to other bridal boutiques to help them define their boutique, use a set of values to make buying decisions, and then measure their profits monthly - bringing home and sharing more income! The transformative aspect of the PCT is the visual representation you use to share how each month is going financially with your team - without sharing specific numbers - and motivate them!

We want every bridal boutique owner to be able to read a P&L, calculate profit margins, and have the problem of deciding what to do at the end of the month with the extra money!

The PCT engaged us in the business because it gave us a quick view into the sales each month. It motivated us to see our efforts raise the thermometer and united us to go over the top for profit sharing, yay!
— Rachel Ramos, manager at September's Bride

I’ve seen too many boutique owners who struggle and just “get by” until they are tired and disenchanted with the bridal business. They close or sell their boutiques at a loss - or worse yet - keep going and begin to hate their job. I don’t want this to be you - and it doesn’t have to be!!

The Boost Retreat is designed to boost you and your boutique. There will be training on the strategies and tools that I use every day in my successful bridal business. Also planned are boosts for you on a personal level - time for relaxation, tours of local businesses to inspire you, and a fun champagne brunch to kick it off! There will also be opportunities to meet with me one-on-one to discuss your particular concerns, and you’ll leave with a plan to address them. When you arrive home from the retreat, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to apply the strategies you’ve learned to your boutique the next day. Within the first month, you’ll be able to begin making decisions that will increase your profit short-term and set you up to accomplish those big dreams!

The Boost Retreat is for you if…

  • you own a bridal boutique

  • you are planning to open or purchase a bridal boutique in the next year or so

  • you want to invest in learning the “business side” of bridal

  • you would appreciate time away with like-minded boutique owners in a beautiful, historic downtown

  • you love fall weather and color tours - the end of October is usually GORGEOUS here!

  • you are ready to take your boutique to the next level and really know what is going at a business level

What’s Included?

  • Complete in-person “Boost Your Bridal Boutique Profit” training (this is the same training program as our online course), a $487 value!

  • Sunday brunch, Monday breakfast & lunch

  • Walking tour of historic downtown Holland, focusing on Holland’s heritage of entrepreneurs

  • Tour of Spring Sweet, a bridal, floral, and lifestyle boutique, including time for Q&A with the owner, Spring, about this unique blended boutique & business plan.

  • Some serious SWAG that will have you feeling luxurious & pampered - because you deserve it!

  • One-on-one consultations with Tami to discuss your specific concerns, goals, or business issues, a $200 value!

  • BONUS: Photography workshop from a professional photographer on taking fabulous iPhone photos for your social media feed!

What’s Not Included?

  • Lodging - out-of-town attendees will receive a 10% discount at CityFlats Hotel (there are plenty of other options in and around Holland for any budget; we are happy to offer suggestions)

  • Sunday supper - enjoy one of our local establishments on your own or with your guest (or perhaps with a friend you’ve met at the retreat); we have plenty of suggestions for any taste or budget

  • Transportation - everything is within walking distance of our home base at CityFlats Hotel in downtown Holland.

You will go home from the Boost Retreat with:

  • knowledge of using the Boost PCT tool that will show you exactly where you are financially on any given day!

    • from Tami and the Boost team

    • inspiration galore!

      October 27 & 28, 2019 in Holland, Michigan

      BOOST Retreat Full Cost - $587

      market season special - $447

      (Only $200 down and the balance due in 30 days)

      Add-on Guest $97

      (guests may attend the welcome champagne brunch as well as lunch and tours on Monday)

Tami is passionate about the bridal business
and clearly teaches how to make money in it.
— Amanda


How is this different from other bridal trainings such as Do You Speak Bride or WeddingMBA? The Boost Retreat is designed as an intimate boutique-style retreat. There is some great training on strategies and tools, but we also plan time for relaxation, sharing, and one-on-one coaching. No one format is better than another and I am a huge fan of training in any form; but if you’re seeking a blend of refreshment, inspiration, and personalized coaching, the Boost Retreat is for you!

May I bring a guest? If you’re like me and LOVE to travel with your spouse - or parent, child, BFF, partner - please feel free to bring him or her along with you to Holland for a few days of R&R. If this person is also active in your business, you’ll probably want to go ahead and buy a spot in the retreat for each of you. We do have an “add-on guest” rate of just $97 so your person can join us for brunch on Sunday and lunch and downtown Holland tour on Monday.

Are you near an airport or train station? Yes! Holland is an easy 40-minute drive from the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Taxis and Ubers are readily available to get you to Holland and back to the airport if needed. The Pere Marquette line with Amtrak comes right into downtown Holland and is a direct connection from Chicago.

I’ve been in business a long time; will there still be new material to help me? First, let me say CONGRATULATIONS! I love meeting people with longevity in the bridal business. The tools we teach will apply to someone at any stage of their business. If you’re more experienced, you can easily adapt them to you and experiment a bit with how they fit in to your already-successful routine. Plus, there will be plenty of relaxation and inspiration - and after a successful career, we all deserve that!

What if I’m brand new to owning a bridal boutique? Will I be overwhelmed? No, we’ll be sure to help you every step of the way through the material in the retreat. And kudos to you for wanting to get the “business side” of things off the ground in the right way.

Wow! Thank you for your help! My boutique is more profitable and I feel like I actually know what I’m doing now!
— Diane

The Boost Retreat is limited to just 20 attendees, so sign up today! We are offering a special price of just $447. You won’t want to miss your opportunity for a weekend away in West Michigan during the prettiest time of year. This boutique is planned by bridal boutique owners for bridal boutique owners - you won’t regret making this part of your fall plans!

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