Your wedding was the most amazing event! You danced the night away! Your day was perfect with you and your groom as the center of attention…but now, your gorgeous gown needs some attention!

Cleaning your wedding gown as soon as possible after your wedding is imperative. Your wedding gown is a big investment and it deserves the best care possible.

Pickup & Delivery available throughout the Lakeshore & Greater GR areas for our Gown Care Services.

Call 616-283-2995 or email for scheduling.

If you’re interested in our services, but do not live in the West Michigan area, please check our Partner Boutiques page to see if a bridal boutique near you offers our services directly.

We are also happy to work with long-distance customers on a personal basis. We’ve shipped hundreds of wedding gowns for cleaning and preservation and would be happy to design a package to meet your needs if you are not in our area or near one of our partners. Just email or call 616-283-2995.


Preservation Package

Base Price $229

After a thorough cleaning, gowns are carefully layered with acid-free tissue, wrapped in muslin, and carefully folded into a beautiful box for storage. We include a pair of cotton gloves for you to use if you want to take your gown out and share it with children or friends. We believe that your gown should be enjoyed, not vacuum-packed where you cannot enjoy it. If you want to unpack your gown, use the gloves included and lay it on a clean sheet. Then, you may pack it away again in the box in the same way we did for you. If the gown is worn, it should be re-cleaned before being stored again.

Our cleaning and preservation process includes:

♥ hand cleaning with our special process to remove visible stains

♥ thorough cleaning in a solvent bath

♥ unique anti-sugar stain treatment (featured in Modern Bride and Bride’s Magazine)

♥ environmentally-pure, museum quality, lasting protection of acid-free tissue, an acid-free polypropylene window for viewing treasured memories, and an acid-free, museum quality archival wedding chest,

You receive a written 100% international guarantee against sugar stains or yellowing of bridal or family gowns backed by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists

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Resale prep Package

Base Price $129

Although we love to help preserve gowns for the next generation, we also know that some gowns will be worn again much sooner than 25-50 years from now! Many brides are choosing to sell their gowns and let someone else enjoy it right away.  We have a package just for brides who want to prepare their gowns for resale.

This package will include a certificate created with the professionals of the PreOwnedWeddingDresses website. The certificate will be signed by our AWGS Certified Textile Specialist and will let the next bride know the condition of the gown and certify that it has been properly cleaned.  The gown will be returned to you cleaned, pressed, and on a padded hanger in a high-quality gown bag.  This bag is safe for short-term storage and will be appreciated by a buyer.

Aisle Ready Package

Base Price $79

You found a great deal on a sample or once-worn gown, but it needs a bit of TLC before it is ready for the trip down the aisle. Our Aisle Ready Package includes cleaning, pressing, and minor repairs, such as tightening loose hooks, buttons, or securing lace.

Other gown care services include:

Clean Only

Pressing & Steaming of Wedding Gowns & Formals


Veil Cleaning & Pressing