Vintage Gown Care

The wedding gown of your dreams might be a family heirloom that has yellowed or a fabulous vintage find that needs some love! We specialize in restoring antique or vintage bridal gowns to their true color without damage to delicate fabrics or dyes. We can remove stains and discoloration that ordinary dry cleaners cannot.

In addition to restoring your gown to it original color and removing stains, we can also give your vintage gown an updated look by restyling and making alterations. We can help you create a modern flare by adding or removing sleeves and straps and utilizing lace or fabrics from vintage gowns and adding them to your new gown.

FAQs about Vintage Gown Restoration & Restyling

1.  How long does it take to restore and restyle a vintage or family gown?

Of course, this depends on the amount of work that a gown needs. Cleaning and whitening can take anywhere from 1-3 months. If you love the gown the way it is and you just need minor alterations, plan on a total of 2-4 months to prepare your gown. However, if you need major alterations or wish to completely restyle the gown, 6-9 months is often needed.

2.  How much does it cost to restore a vintage gown?

Again, the answer here depends on many factors.  If your family gown was a high-quality design (think Priscilla of Boston!) that was properly stored, the cleaning and restoration costs will be much lower than a gown that has been hanging in Grandma’s closet in a plastic bag for 40 years. Satin gowns usually are easier to clean, while lace gowns will be the most costly and may require significant repair to the fabric. In general, cleaning and restoration of a vintage gown is $200-$500. Alterations to a vintage gown are usually $300 – $1000. This wide range is due to the wide range of possibilities and ideas that brides may have!

3.  I have a gown that I would like to have restored and restyled.  What do I do?

Call us! (616-283-2995) and have a complimentary chat with Tami. During this phone conversation, she will ask several questions that will give her a good idea of whether your vintage gown can be used and what some of the challenges may be.  If you decide that this process is for you, we will schedule a consultation. The cost for this consultation is $100 and the work will begin at this meeting if you are ready to proceed. (Often this is when we cut the sleeves off, trim the neckline, or begin cutting and pinning!)  The entire $100 for the consultation will apply to the final cost as a deposit if you decide to have us do your project. Cleaning and color restoration will begin shortly after this and then the restyling and alterations are next.

4.  Will I be happy with the finished project?

We have had dozens of brides decide to wear a family or vintage gown rather than purchase a new gown. None of these lovely ladies has regretted her choice! Make sure to look through our Real Bride Blog to see some of the final results and read testimonials from our bridal customers.